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The Naughty List 2023

  • Miss Hosting
    I jumped on their “christmas special” last year, this year they had another “christmas special” but their marketing and “fine print” was less than clear, so I contacted them and said I wanted in on the special deal, only to find out that (according to them) it only applies to new customers. So guess what, now I’m not a customer at all, and I’m in the process of migrating everything away from Miss Hosting.
  • Telia
    My broadband subscription term comes to an end in early 2024 so, I reached out to negotiate a new good rate for my subscription, only to find out that “sorry we do not offer any discounts”, but after some negotiation I was able to get a 200 SEK discount from the offered rate, but since it was still more expensive than Bredband2 who offered the same service without any fixed term, I’m out!
    Also I do not want to support Telias Business Model of discounts that when they expire mean a price increase of 176% (!!!), it only hurts inactive consumers.