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Make your Raspberry Pi Netboot over NFS

When I started using my first Raspberry Pi, I read about people having to change their SD-card every now and then because most (especially cheap) SD-cards are not made for being used as a harddisk replacement. So I googled a bit and setup NFS boot for my Raspberry Pi. Tested on Raspberry Pi Model B, B+ and 2.

This is what your cmdline.txt should look like, of course change the necessary information to correspond with your own environment.

ip=dhcp netboot=nfs boot=NFS= disk=NFS= ssh quiet fastboot

…and of course you need to have a working NFS server with corresponding exports…

This is my /etc/exports

/Users/siho/openelec/storage -mapall=siho:staff

And yes, for observant readers, this is run on an OS X machine, but should work with any other BSD or Linux-system as well 🙂